Email Address Change email addresses are in the process of being discontinued.

Please update your address books, as I am now using for communication regarding PW Classifieds.

The address of the website will remain UNCHANGED!

Emails previously sent to have been moved to, and currently emails being sent to are being forwarded to I don’t know how long that will continue.

I apologize, one of the side effects of this is that I am quite a bit behind in responding to emails. I hope to be caught back up in the next few days.


Youth Protection Training

This announcement is for our “official” council members(Chad, Christine, and Jeff) as well as our “unlisted” members that may be interested. Youth protection training can be found at . Once you are on the first page click on youth protection training online. The next page will ask you to create a “my scouting” account then select youth protection training once again. You will be directed to a page listing the possible online training available through scouting. Look under the Cub Scout tab and select the youth protection training. The prompts guide you to completion of it. Once you have print out the certificate and give it to me.

Also, there is a pack committee training that is recommended. It is under the cub scout tab as well.

There is no rush to get this done. Thank you everyone for your assistance in the scouting program.

My Messages

I’ve added a ‘My Messages’ section to the classifieds, in the upper left.

Messages you send through the site will show up in the outbox now.

This doesn’t replace the system we’ve used for years to deliver messages to your email. However all your messages will be available under ‘My Messages’, and I hope that it will make life simpler for you.

Update to Posting Ads

I’ve occasionally been asked about the available size of the description in PW Classifieds. It is currently set to 3,000 characters.

Today I installed a package that will check the size of the message as you type it, and let you know when you are running short on space.

Please let me know if you run into any problems with it, if you hate it, if you love it.

Who Started PennsWoods?

I get asked this question infrequently, but here’s the answer just in case you were curious.

PennsWoods was founded as a dialup ISP in 1998 by Mark Stern. He was fed up with existing providers and believed he could do better. I believe we all agreed with him rather quickly.

Stace Dunkle installed the first classifieds sometime in 2002, perhaps earlier, the records regarding that are a bit spotty.

Mark sold the company to Atlantic Broadband in Dec 2009. At that time the dialup industry had contracted considerably. Our attempts at monetizing our classifieds, offering DSL, and even operating a small cable plant had come up short. Atlantic Broadband made Mark an offer that permitted a smooth continuation of service to our customers, as well as continued employment for those employees who opted to stay on.

password phishing

I’m told that some people have received emails stating that their PennsWoods accounts were reported for fraud, and asking them to click a link.

I do NOT send emails telling people they’ve been reported for fraud.

If you’ve received such an email and logged into such a page, please kindly go to the FAQ located in the upper left of the classifieds. Changing your password is FAQ #3.