A few updates

I’m aware that there have been a few headaches above and beyond the usual recently.

The website was unavailable for a period of time during the second week of July. I apologize for that inconvenience, and credits are going to be provided for those who had paid ads running during that time.

Also at the moment onewoods.net email addresses are not working. This is directly due to Google policy changes that I wasn’t aware of until late in the process. Onewoods.net email accounts have been hosted on Google since almost the beginning, since about 2007. This was a free service until recently, and discussion w/ Google over what would be paid for those broke down. I believe I’ve got a handle on who to speak with now, and I hope to have some progress there shortly.

My blog was also down for quite a while now. This is a side effect of AWS decommissioning its EC2-Classic environment, where nearly everything for Rennug has been hosted from the beginning. Or again from around 2006/2007 at least. I have moved most everything away from AWS EC2-Classic, but the blog had a glitch (firewall related if you’re interested) that I wasn’t able to track down until today.

None of these things should have taken nearly so long. Unfortunately on June 15th I suffered a heart attack that cost me about 60% of my left ventricle ejection fraction. I’m not moving nearly as fast as I was a short while ago, and my ability to keep things running smoothly was compromised at roughly the same time several technical issues arose.

I am grateful for your patience, and I am working to restore those remaining issues as quickly as I can.


PA Senate Race

For those interested, tonight the Republican Senator would-be’s will be debating.


The Democrat version was last week.

If you don’t like how things are going, please inform yourself as to who is running for Senate and Governor, and what their positions are like. Also pay attention to your local municipal and school board elections. The competition is no less fierce, and those people have a large influence on your daily lives.

Quiet Inauguration

Here’s an excellent argument for having the quietest inauguration ever. It is a short read, but worth it regardless of which side of the fence you’re on.


Here’s a farewell message from Trump. Given the cold shoulder he has from the big tech companies, I imagine that it might be challenging to find this.

Couple of pictures taken two weeks ago.

SSL certificate failure

A year ago today I had a significant outage on the Rennug classifieds because I missed renewing the SSL certificates in a timely fashion, then misconfigured sign on servers without a complete chain of certs. I am embarrassed to admit that I did this again when the certificates expired this year.

I’ve switched to a Let’s Encrypt style certificate. This has several advantages, but the most important here is that the renewal and installation become 100% automated. While I am human and prone to failure, the machines will not miss a renewal, and will configure themselves.

This makes the server side of the process much more similar to the browser side. No one has to stop and think “is my browser certificate up to date?”. It just happens. The same should now be true of the servers for me.

My apologies for the inconvenience, and thank you for using the site!