Email Delays

Between 9am and 10am ET this morning mail from PW Classifieds to multiple servers began to be delayed and in some cases rejected to multiple domains. This is because spamhaus has blacklisted a wide range of Amazon EC2 servers, which is where the PW Classifieds is housed. Replies to your ads show up under ‘My Ads’, as described on the FAQ.

I’ve contacted tech support at Amazon. They are aware of the issue and are working to clear it up as soon as is possible. In the meantime, please check ‘My Ads’ for responses to your ads.

UPDATE 15:25 My understanding is that as of about 3pm this afternoon the root cause of the problem has been resolved. Amazon’s automated communication with one of the major black lists had failed, and needed to be updated manually. It may take some time for the delayed email to be delivered. I would still recommend that if you have ads listed, you carefully inspect the ‘My Ads’ area in order to make sure you didn’t miss any responses.

I’ll continue to monitor the flow of mail to make sure that things are returning to normal. I’m also going to look into ways to minimize this sort of problem in the future. My apologies to all of you, and thank you for your patience.


News Letter and Bad Hardware

On Feb 14 I sent out the most recent edition of the PW Classifieds newsletter. If you received it, and didn’t want it, you can use this link to tell me never to send it again. If you didn’t receive it, but wish you had, check to make sure you didn’t already opt out of it.

In the news letter I mentioned three features I was contemplating adding to the classifieds. I promised that whichever feature drew the most feedback was what I would work on next. Here are the results:

  1. Ability to repost ads: 28 people favored this
  2. An email notive when ads expire: 8 people favored this
  3. A google map embed in each ad: 4 people favored this

I want to point something out here about the google map. I have no intention of ever sending someone to your door step. If I put a good map in the pages,
it will be similar to the google link that is already there at the bottom left of the ads. It will be to the zipcode, not to a street address.

I think it is pretty clear that the majority of the responses were interested in the ability to repost ads without starting over from scratch. That is
what I’ve been working towards for the a good portion of this week, and I hope to make it available sometime in the next few weeks.

In less positive news, Saturday morning I had a web server crash. I have the replacement just about ready, and I hope to be able to install it this evening.
Late last week several people emailed me about blank pages and difficulties with the web interface. Those issues seem to have abated with the removal of the bad machine. I greatly appreciate your patience.


Paid Ads Update

For quite a while I’ve been asked if there was a way to pay for an ad that was created earlier, but then not completed. Until now the answer had been no, it has to be created and paid for all at the same time. This morning I added the ability to pay for an ad created earlier but not completed.

The 14 day time on the ad begins when it is paid for, not when it is created.

Free ads are the same as ever. I did not change anything with free ads.


Quotes part II

One of the many advantages in posting changes here is that I get feedback telling me what works and what doesn’t. Thank you, Arny, for pointing out the fact that at some point in the past I managed to remove the quotes from the site altogether. I’ve located the bug that caused this, and fixed it. Unfortunately now I can hardly run a contest for people to notice the new ones because, well, they’re all effectively new.  You still get $20 of advertising credit if I use a quote that you provide.


New Quotes

I hadn’t added any new quotes to the site in a while, so this morning I spent some time looking at a few and adding maybe 15 or 16 news ones. $5 in advertising credit if you can identify one of the new quotes. $20 in credit if you give me a quote that I end up adding to the website.

I’ve closed the credit offer, thanks to those who participated! — 2012-04-13 21:07


Merry Christmas, Happy First Day of Winter, and oh, yeah, the fcc

Merry Christmas, everyone! May God bless each and every one of you!

Today also happens to be the first day of winter, which is Yule for some of the pagan and wiccan traditions. For the rest of us, it means we’re finally going to start seeing more sunlight!

The FCC published some internet content regulations. For most of us, it isn’t fire and brimstone sort of regulations. They key point though, is that they are grabbing the authority for saying what is right and what is not.

Congress has refused several times to grant the FCC regulatory rights over the internet, so now it looks like they are going to just simply take it.

Sort of makes a fellow wonder how long it will be before your internet provider sells you “packages” of website that you can visit. Oh, sorry, that one isn’t in your package anymore, would you like to upgrade?



Fixed a couple of bugs in the code this morning. If you’ve got a bug that isn’t fixed, drop me a note, and make sure I am aware of it.

In other news, no one has succesfully guessed the year I graduated yet, though I’ve had a number of interesting guesses. Apparently no one believes I’m 18.