Blog Changes

February of 2012 was the first month I missed posting some sort of update to in nearly three years.

I thought about this a bit, and came to the conclusion that part of the problem is that my developer blog was tightly integrated into the Pennswoods Classifieds. At times when I was in the middle of some heavy changes that weren’t ready to be released yet, or when I was having technical problems, updating the blog without causing myself additional headaches was difficult.

February 2012 saw a couple of database problems, and some webserver front ends crashing and burning, and I had to choose between fixing the issues, or spending a fair bit of time updating the blog without touch the rest of the site.

While originally it made a lot of sense to have it that way, as the site became larger and spread across more machines, it is becoming difficult to have it work the way it has the last several years.

Thus the changes you see here, with the blog and updates moved into a separate piece of software that can be updated even when I am working on a problem with the Pennswoods Classifieds.