More Scam by Text

This evening I’ve gotten three messages asking me about text messages that were sent. Supposedly they were sent by me claiming that there was a report that their ad was a scam. There is a link to log in and verify that the ad is not a scam.

The text message is a scam! I do not currently use text messages within the PW Classifieds. I don’t send out warnings about reported ads.

I can only assume that if you’ve tried to log in to the link provided, you’re username and password are compromised, and some foreign crook will be using your account to place scam ads.

If you’ve had this happen to you, and you tried to log in to the link provided, please change your password. The option to do so is in the FAQ, question #3.

Thanks for being on guard, and a special thanks to those who sent me word that they received these text messages!