Bouncing Email

The web is growing up. The way we sent email for Classifieds worked great when the software was originally written, back in the mid-90s.

Over the years I’ve re-coded the email portion of the site a number of times to keep it up to date and functioning. However all the while I knew there would come a time when email protocols became so rigid in response to spam that I would have to change how PennsWoods handles email.

That time appears to have arrived. A number of the larger providers have very recently begun requiring that email originates from specific points, or it is rejected. No longer do I have the option of adding headers and identifiers to clarify who PennsWoods is, and why we need to handle email for their subscribers.

Many other sites have gone to an in-house system. You receive a message through the site, and then the site sends you an email letting you know you have messages waiting. Rather than receiving an email from PennsWoods on behalf of someone else, you would receive an email from PennsWoods stating you have that message waiting.

For those of you having difficulties with returned email messages, I intend to have a solution in place for you by this evening.

For those of you who are not having difficulties, nothing will change. Yet. Your provider will eventually limit my ability to handle mail for you though, and eventually you also will receive the note saying you have messages rather than receiving the messages directly from PennsWoods.

I’ll post updates here as I make progress.

Thanks for your patience,