Messages Waiting on Site

Lately several ISPs have been forbidding me from handling their email, notably yahoo. In short, they tell everyone not to accept mail unless it originates from an approved server, and they are not going to approve little guys like me.

This part isn’t new. What is changing is that more and more companies are respecting that request, and bouncing mail from PennsWoods. Comcast and gmail in particular, but others are as well. This really is a good thing, as it will reduce spam over all. It just happens to be inconvenient for PennsWoods.

Other email providers are going to be doing the same shortly. With the big guys doing it, it will be that way everywhere eventually, and I’m going to need to change the way PennsWoods handles messages between people.

In response to comments from PennsWoods members I’ve modified the alerts that I am sending. They will now include a link to the missing message to simplify locating and respond.

Again I apologize for the inconvenience.

In every case where I can still deliver the email directly, I absolutely am going to continue doing it. In cases where I cannot, I will make it as painless and straightforward to retrieve the message as I am capable of making it.