Election Day

Today is election day through most parts of the country. A large portion of the PennsWoods viewing audience is going to be eligible to vote in the race for PA governor.

Pay attention to your local races, these are the candidates that can do the most in your local area, and they are the ones you have the most control over.

But make sure you vote for governor as well. This year we have the Battle of the Toms.

Tom Wolf is the Democrat. Pro-abortion, pro-gun control, has expressed favor for raising taxes, though his current preferred plan is to target Marcellus shale companies if possible.

Tom Corbett is the seated Republican. He’s already demonstrated that his is not only pro-second amendment (which Obama also claims he is) but is actually takes a pro-gun ownership stance. Read the content of House Bill 80 which Corbett signed into law on Oct 28. He is also the pro-life candidate.

So get out there and vote!

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