Dialup and DSL

Atlantic Broadband will be discontinuing dialup and DSL services on May 10. If you purchase dialup service or DSL service through Atlantic Broadband, now is the time to start looking for another provider.

This applies to any of the brand name’s that Atlantic Broadband carries, including Flood City and PennsWoods.

Please note! The classifieds, advertising, and event listings will continue to operate as Rennug.com!

If you can receive Atlantic Broadband’s cable, they have a really good deal on signing up. Let them know you are a curent dialup or DSL customer.

Otherwise Dialup4Less is a good option for dialup. For DSL your best option might be to contact Verizon and ask them for an ISP switch to Verizon.


More Security Certificate Woes

I’ve updated the security certificates for Rennug.com again. I was still receiving occasional complaints about sign in problems. In the process I broke the sign in again and it was down for an hour or two today.

My apologies for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience!


Login broken again

I’ve been receiving reports of a broken login on Rennug Classifieds. This co-incides with the expiration of the SSL certificate for PennsWoods.net.

I’ve removed the final references to the PennsWoods SSO server, and restarted the servers. I’m showing logins flowing normally again.

If you are in a loop where you sign in and then it prompts you to sign in again, try pressing the F5 button on the page where it asks you to “register or sign in”, and that should clear the issue.

Alternatively clearing your temporary internet files should do the same.

My apologies for the inconvenience.


Car categories updated

The car categories are updated with more reasonable dates. I’ve still got the truck categories to do yet.

I tried to land the existing ads in the correct categories, but you may need to edit your ad to move it to a different category.


Vehicle categories will be updated soon.

I’m aware that the vehicle categories are due for an overhaul. “Cars 2000 – present” may have been a good idea in 2008. It is less of a good idea in 2016.

Please demonstrate some leniency in reporting those ads when that happens, as the vehicles are likely to not end up in the intended category. That will be a fault of my shuffling, not of the original poster’s intentions.