Cambria County Fair

Last week at the Indiana County Fair I was blessed with the opportunity to meet many of you in the area. This week I’m at the Cambria County Fair. Unfortunately with the wet weather and the early closing of the fair grounds yesterday I haven’t had the opportunity to meet as many of you as I might have liked. I’m still there for the rest of the week, building #3 near the grandstands.


More Scammers

PW Classifieds doesn’t permit email addresses in ads, as a safety feature. Lately scammers have been posting their emails in pictures. Several people have lost money to these people. Please remember that buying large ticket items sight unseen is always carries some risk. If you see any ads like this:

Image posted by a scammer.

Image posted by a scammer

Please report it. I’m sure that they will change their approach slightly now that I am exposing them, but you should consider any ad with an email posted in it to be a potential scam, and report it as such. Please, please don’t lose money to these criminals.
Incidentally I’m confident that the name in the email is NOT the criminal’s’ real name.


Indiana County Fair

I’m sitting here at the Indiana County Fair tonight. It has been a pleasure to meet those who’ve stopped by to say hello. I’ll be here in the evenings this week, so stop in and see me sometime this week if you get a chance.


Hacking Perspectives

Every once in a while I get someone who claims their email has been hacked. It is an infrequent thing, maybe a couple of times per year. Invariably the victim had a really poor choice of passwords, and some agent out there guessed it. For the record, ‘123456’ and ‘password’ are probably the two worst possible passwords to choose. Sooner or later someone WILL be using your account. If that means that they use the account to post scams on PW Classifieds, I tend to lack compassion and understanding.

Anyway, in June 20111 the CIA’s public website was claimed to have been “hacked”. Here is a comic on the difference in perceptions of what “hacked” means to various people.

Point being that someone guessing a poor password is not equivalent to someone hacking a website.


Troubles with database today

I’m having some database issues today. I should have them worked out in a few hours at worst. However in the meantime ads cannot be placed, and you may or may not be able to sign in. I’ll post an update when things are back to normal or I have an important advancement to report.

Chris login

For those of you who still have an login for the PW Classifieds….. We moved the email for that to google mail back in the end of 2008 I believe. Recently google has colapsed what they called google app accounts (which included our accounts) with their traditional google mail (gmail) accounts.

What this means to us is that if you go to you log in as before with just the first part. For example if you have ‘’, you log in with ‘someone’ and your password.

HOWEVER! If for some reason you mistype the password or for some reason get bounced to the regular page, you now log in with ‘’ and your password.

I apologize for any confusion. If they had given me a choice, I would have opted not to mess with it.