Latest Scammer Tactics

I’ve gotten quite a few reports lately that scammers have been texting cell phone numbers in PennsWoods ads. I would imagine that they are using blocks of texting numbers from free phone apps, or something along those lines. The texts usually direct a person to communicate with an email address, and there is typically an excuse why phone conversations are not possible.

I just wanted to remind everyone that if you are contacted via text message, there is no guarantee that the person actually has a PennsWoods account, and tracing a mix of text and emails is something that law enforcement are going to have trouble with.

If you receive a text message with a really good offer on something, meet in person or at least have a phone conversation. This doesn’t give 100% certainty, but not being able to do this should give you reason to pause.

Also never accept excess payment and return it to the sender. It is a very common scam to send a larger check / money order than is needed, and ask for the balance to be returned via your own check. By the time the check / money order sent to you bounces (possibly months later), your check has been cashed and the money is long gone.

Cookport Fair

I’m at this Cookport Fair in Indiana County this week! Stop by the PennsWoods booth in the Community Building and say hello if you get a chance.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to be there late most nights, but I should be there in late afternoon and early evening most nights, including tonight.


Password changes, new accounts

New accounts and password changes were not being recognized by the website due to a failure to communicate between some of my computers.

This began probably some time on Friday, and continued until I discovered and resolved the issue late Sunday night.

I’m attempting to reply to anyone who contacted me about the issue, but in the meantime if you’ve had trouble with one of those issues recently, please try again.

If you did multiple password changes, they were ALL executed late last night, with the most recent password change being the one that should now be in effect.

My apologies for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.


Vote Today!

Today is primary day, remember to go out and vote.

Most of my ballot was “write in” “write in” “write in”, as there were not many names on my party’s ballot. This is an odd number year. But the school board members were there, and that’s where I was looking.

It usually isn’t hard to figure out which school board members you want in, and which you want out. It does require going through a couple back issues of the local newspaper (usually not many back issues before you figure out who is who) or sitting through just about 1 school board meeting will let you know right away which ones need swapped out.