more headaches

More database problems, more web server problems, all add up to more server errors and software errors.

Thanks for your patience. I’ve tried to answer as many emails as possible, please forgive me if I haven’t replied to yours.

Tonight, I unlocked some more database capacity. Right now it seems to be helping, but we’re also somewhat past the 6-9pm rush now as well.

The banner ad server is locked up, but I just managed to access it and am in the process of bringing it back online.



Last night I spent part of the afternoon and most of the evening in the local hospital. I’m fine now, thanks. But it means I was away from my keyboard last night when we had a large number of errors thrown by the classifieds.

I’ve removed one of the old machines from the pool of available servers, as I suspect it isn’t keeping pace with the rest.


System Errors during peak time

As I’ve written to several hundred people, the worst of the errors being reported has been during the 6-9pm peak usage. Last night I had very few errors reported, and so far tonight I’ve gotten a total of 6 emails, compared to several hundred a day.

Only one of those was regarding a system error, and that was from this morning. I haven’t run into a server error page yet tonight either.

I’m cautiously optimistic that we might be on the upward swing of these errors, and I thank you all for bearing with me while I straightened it out.

I’ve rather backlogged on email right now, and I regret that I wasn’t able to send a personal response to everyone who emailed me. I will attempt to come current with my emails early this coming week.


More issues

The page errors are continuing. I’m working to alleviate it as fast as is possible.

Additionally tonight I have a database on the login server that is no working, and is starting to cause log in problems.


Site Update

I’ve finished installing the last of the new machines earlier this evening. Hopefully this will alleviate the problems we’ve been seeing the last few days. We should have an additional 30% server capacity over what we had been running over the summer.

Thanks for your patience, and please let me know what you see.


Site Errors

Many thanks to those of you who have emailed me site / server errors over the last couple of days. It seems to be server capacity related, and I’m bringing additional servers online to handle the extra load since the weather took a downturn.

I’m not sure I’ll have the bugs worked out for tonight, but I’ll be working on it.


Clearing Browser Cache

I’ve had half a dozen people in the last week tell me they were having troubles accessing the classifieds, and they were landing at this page instead of the normal Classifieds page. This is a caching issue caused by the Amazon outage I had a week ago.

If this is the case for you, the fix is to clear your browser’s cache. Your Internet Service Provider should be able to step you through this, or you might google it.

One of the links that came up for me, and looks reasonable though I haven’t tested it, is:

In related news, Amazon has published a post-mortem on what happened on Oct 22. For those interested in the technical details, you can read them here:

The short story is that Amazon performed a hardware maintenance that triggered a cascading number of servers to fail.

It is also interesting that this sort of thing reveals who else is using technology similar to Netflix, Reddit, FourSquare, and TMZ all are hosting servers on Amazon.