Registration and Password changes

Registration emails and password changes were not processing properly from sometime on Saturday (15th) through early afternoon on Monday (17th) when I discovered and fixed the issue. As a result emails for registration and password changes were delayed until Monday afternoon.

The classifieds servers were not impacted, other than those persons needing registration or password changes.

I’ve also fallen behind in support email over the last week or so, and am nearly caught up. If you’ve emailed me recently and haven’t heard from me, I should be in touch with you later today.

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God and Government

Sunday night the St Benedict, PA Community Center is going to be an iPledge simulcast location.

Google today has been advertising “Live! Watch Barack Obama accept the Democratic presidential nomination at 10pm ET”.

You didn’t see such a thing for Romney.

The iPledge simulcast is intended to help motivate and educate people of the Christian faith on political matters.

iPledge Event Listing

If you’re in the neighborhood, consider dropping in!

prohibited item

“prohibited item” was the subject line of an email I received recently.

The body of the message contained just one line, “do you know that body armor is not legal to own in pa.unless you are a police officer?”

In fact, I didn’t know that. I was about to reply to that effect, but I realized that there must be more to it. My best guess was that they had seen some sort of body armor on the Classifieds, and wanted me to be alerted to what they believed to be a contraband item.

Well I’ve already confessed that at the time I received the email, I didn’t really know a lot about the legality of body armor in Pennsylvania. I thought it likely that it was legal to possess, and I’d looked at buying some myself in the past. Frankly the price is a bit much for what would be a novelty item for me. Sitting at a desk typing code doesn’t really and doing some marketing hardly offers a need for body armor, thanks be to God!

I did a couple of online searches before answering. What I found was interesting, and I’ve provided my response in entirety here, in case it proves interesting to others. I’m not a lawyer. What follows is not a meaningful opinion on the legality of body armor. And if you think my printing a link indicates that I endorse a product that is sold on one of those web pages, you might want to invest in an AFDB as well.

I’m not aware of any laws prohibiting body armor in PA.

Apparently there are some laws against felons owning it.

Being a purely defensive item, it seems unlikely to be banned anytime soon.

I saw a few references to some states considering the use of body
armor during a crime to be a separate crime. Sort of like how most
states consider the use of lock picks to commit burglary (or any other
crime) to be a crime separate from the burglary, but otherwise
lockpicks are an unregulated locksmith tool. Of course bolt cutters
are usually faster and cheaper, so I suppose regulating lockpicks
wouldn’t be worth it.

Anyway, no, I’m not aware of any ban on body armor ownership in PA.
Several companies will gladly ship into PA, including Amazon.

I’ve thought about buying some myself, but it tends to run into
several hundred dollars for the lighter stuff, and it’d be one more
thing sitting around cluttering my basement.

I’m assuming you were concerned over someone selling body armor on the
site. If you were asking if it is legal for you to buy it from some
one else, probably, as far as I know, unless you’ve got a felony
record and PA has changed its laws recently. Be on the look out for
bullet holes, knife slashes, and wear. I expect body armor to be like
bicycle helmets. If it takes a hit once, trash it and buy new.

If you have body armor and are asking if you can sell it, again
probably, as far as I know. You are responsible for making sure you
obey the law. I don’t have any issue with it on the site.

Ads are archived after expiration in case law enforcement requests it.
Caveat emptor.

Best wishes,

Server Errors

From around 11:30pm on Friday June 29 until around about 8:15am Saturday the 30th I had misbehaving front end web servers that were resulting in a small percentage of people encountering server errors when trying to use the Classifieds.

I’ve repaired this now, and I thank those of you who reported the errors to me.

Best wishes,

Memorial Day Weekend

A few weeks ago a friend of mine sent me an email about his experience over the Memorial Day weekend. With his permission I’ve copied it here. This is from Arnold Cummings in Brookville, PA.

Over the Memorial Day weekend I went to my camp near Tidioute Pa. . As usual on Saturday I went yard sailing. The last sale I went to on that venture was up Church Hill Road. This road is located off Route 62 between the the Hickory Nut Bar and the small plaza next to it in the town of East Hickory in Forest Co. in North Western Pa.

As I went up the road to the sale there was an old small cemetery on the left side that sits on a knol at the edge of a large field. I noticed that there was a single small American flag at one of the stones. As I left the sale and came back down the road I was compelled to stop at the cemetery and “Thank the Veteran ” ( with the flag I assumed it was a Veteran and figured it maybe from the Civil War ).

I had stopped at this cemetery along time ago but did not remember much about it. As I looked at the few stones there were before the one with the flag many thoughts went through my mind about what it must have
been like in the early 1800′s. When I saw the grave with the Flag it only had the name and date of death. As I looked at the bronze marker I was taken back that this soldier was in the War of 1812 —– I thought my God this soldier fought 200 years ago for the freedoms that we have today —200 years later !!

We have had a lot of hype about the Civil War and its 150th celebrations but hardly anything about the War of 1812. I went to camp and was so wound up about this that I mistakenly told fellow campers about the Soldiers grave I was at from the “Revolutionary War ” I was really wrong it was 1812 !! Later I was compelled to go back and take a couple pictures which I have attached. I felt very dumb founded that I knew nothing about this war.

I have since done research and was amazed at what it was all about and how it has really affected our lives today. Just to mention a few things, the Battle of New Orleans, the burning of Washington DC (The
US Capital in particular ), setting some of our northern borders with Canada and something we hear all the time “The Star Spangled Banner ” .

Take a little time and see how important this war was in our History and Freedom. I have made a promise to myself that I will be back to the grave and put a flower on it to show my thanks —every Memorial Day that I have my health and can go there.